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Mesta Park - Winner on Debut!

Updated: May 10, 2021

Mesta Park made his debut in his maiden race at Will Rogers Downs this afternoon, shooting to the front and not looking back!

Official chart HERE

Blood Horse Replay and Results HERE

Pictured above at the yearling sale where he was purchased for $3,000, Mesta Park has been through a lot. He caught my eye at the yearling sale as I knew the breeder of the horse. Mrs. Hutt, a great horsewoman from Texas, has most of her horses with my good friend Ron Moquett. I knew that she had not "sale prepped" this horse, and just wanted to get some of her foals out to different people. Liking the horse's chance to improve physically, I texted Ron, who told me a story about the mare. In short, she displayed a lot of ability but had a freak barn accident which didn't allow her to make the races. With that, I was going to take a shot if the price was right - and it was!

From there, all was good and the horse really improved. However, after about a month at the track last summer, Kari called me and said he was going funny behind - we need to treat him for a neurological disorder and give him a break. So we did that and gave him 90 days. Truth is, most horses don't come back from that. But Kari and her team caught it early, and Bernie at Red Earth did an amazing job. Fast forward to this January, and the day before he goes to ship to Houston - he gets colic. So another two weeks off, then we get him going again.

Once he finally makes it to the track, we learn that a miscommunication between myself, Kari and Bernie led to the horse not receiving gate training as he should. So, we were way behind on that and, well, he did not care for the gate. Flipping multiple times, requiring special equipment, and worked 5 straight times from the gate - plus standing about every other day - and we finally got him through that.

The last month when Kari's assistant Jeremy would call me and give me the daily bad news about the gate, but finishing with the news of, "Ran, this horse is really fast". So after all that, days like today are why we do it.


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