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There are many partnership models out there of varying size, style and experience.  Why did we start Crescent Capital LLC and why should you be a part of it?


As can be read in our About Us section, Ran Leonard has years of experience in every aspect of the thoroughbred business from being an owner and breeder, to the chair of the Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission, and working as a bloodstock agent, and partnership manager to name a few.


What you see is what you get.  Our Offering Details provide the full financial breakdown of exactly what you are paying for. Additionally, quarterly statements will be available to each shareholder, and each shareholder will have access to the Shareholder Portal where they can access full information at all times.


As Crescent Capital, LLC begins, it will take a 50% to 75% Ownership in horses, with the remaining percentage being held by the horse’s breeder or owner at the time of the purchase.  This shows a commitment from all parties to the long term success of the horse and the partnership.


Let’s talk about the biggest flaws from many of the partnerships offering smaller/affordable shares.  First, is the exorbitant Management Fees. MyRacehorse charges on average around 15% up front management fees. Straight Fees – not bloodstock fees or vet fees – just management fees.  Most others are in the same range.  That right away puts the partnership in a difficult financial position.  As you can see in our details, Crescent Capital, LLC charges $400.00 per month.  That amounts to a roughly 7% management charge.  Also the $400.00 the same if it is a $50,000 original horse purchase or a $500,000.  Secondly, in other partnerships, when the horse starts running and earning money at the races, the management takes another 10% fee.  What?! How can it be expected to be viable for the shareholder if the potential earnings are being picked apart in management fees that won’t come back? Crescent Capital LLC fee of purse earnings and income is a simple 1%.  And it’s all there in our Offering details. Transparency.



What is more fun than a day at the races? Whether a seasoned horse player or getting involved for the first time, the adrenaline of cheering your horse on can’t be topped. Crescent Capital will set up opportunities to go to the races, go to the barns and see the horses train, meet with industry professionals and really get involved in all aspects of the game.


Crescent Capital, LLC will begin each Offering with a clear goal and plan in mind.  Whether its investing in a filly with a solid female family for assured residual value, or investing in a colt with a clear race type and series in mind, there will always be a clear path towards our goal from Crescent Capital, LLC.

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